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Welcome to OakHillpedia!

This is contact information aggregation site for the Class of '84, 30-year Reunion.

The Oak Hill High School Class of 1984 will have its reunion on Saturday, July 19, 2014. We will invite all the people who graduated from Oak Hill High School from 1980 until 1989 as well as others who may have attended during those years, especially if they were in the Class of '84. We also plan to invite some of our teachers and other special guests.

The class listings below will take you to pages that list the graduates and others associated with each class. If a name is on the list AND has information about the location of the classmate on their individual page, they will receive an invitation. If their name appears in red, that means that we do not have their contact information yet. At this time (March 2013) this probably means that I just haven't gotten around to looking them up yet.

It is our intention to invite everyone but we realize that we won't able to get everyone's contact info. So if you see missing information that you can assist with, please e-mail it to [myfirstnamebelow]["at"symbol]dyesscreek[dot]com. We are only looking for e-mail and mailing addresses at this time.

One mailed invitation will be sent out in December, 2013. Thereafter, all reunion information will be distributed by e-mail, website and/or Facebook. If you don't get an invitation in the mail by December, 2013, then please email me at the address in the previous paragraph.

Thanks, Eric Miller '84

Getting started

To get started, click one of the following classes to view links to the class members.

For help in editing see this article on formatting using wikitext, which is the stuff used here.

Posting Rules and Guidelines [Editing Temporarily Disabled]

  • Any true information regarding the school, its teachers or the people who attended Oak Hill is generally welcome. However, please do not post information designed to embarrass or humiliate anyone. Malicious posts will result in the deletion of your account and limitation of your access to this site.
  • Please do not post any rumor that a person has died!
  • "Where they are now" sections to pages should not include direct contact information. It is okay to say that a person is living in Sieper, has three grandchildren, is on Facebook or is a millwright. It is not okay to give their physical address or telephone number. The one exception to contact info is email addresses. You may post your or another person's email address.
  • Class of ________. When a person is identified, please reference their graduating class if they graduated from Oak Hill. If they left or transferred from Oak Hill before graduating, please place a link to their page on the Class page for the class that they would have graduated with if they had stayed. See the Class of 1984 page for examples.
  • Maiden Names. Please create pages for students and former students under their maiden names (Exception: if they married before they graduated, it is okay to use THAT married name). People who haven't seen you in 20 years may not know you by your married name from a marriage 5 years ago.
  • Finally, please do not freak out if certain information about you appears here that you didn't think anyone knew. If you don't want the information posted here, please email and ask that it be removed. We will not remove publically available, non-sensitive information such as the fact that you attended or taught at Oak Hill, have or had children or siblings who attend or attended, are alive and living in Baton Rouge. We will remove almost anything else that you don't want here. Of course, you can edit the pages yourself and remove that info.
  • Photos. Feel free to upload current and former photos that show the former student. Please do not upload photos of your cats. Do not indecent or otherwise objectionable photos, they will be removed. Photos will not be considered objectionable simply because they show an out-of-date hairdo.
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